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July 26, 2008
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The Iron Lantern by StarDragon77 The Iron Lantern by StarDragon77
I'm happy to report that I've created a small beginning chapter that is now posted at

Iron Lantern: The Jade Dawn

This peice is another in the great line of line arts that I have commissioned the artist :iconbokuman: Iron Lantern Commission

This time, in my own tribute to the Iron Man film, I"ve decided to do this - The Iron Lantern. Which was actually created by a fusion of DC and Marvel Comics under the name of "Amalgam Comics". A fusion of The Green Lantern and Iron Man, which does make sense in that both men use the great power of something physical, (Iron Man - The Suit and The Green Lantern - the Ring).

However, in my own creation of the Iron Lantern, I would do things different.

Such as I would make the wearer of this armor the young son of Tony Stark and "Pepper" Potts - Kyle Stark. Unlike his father, a business man and engineer, young Kyle became an artist, much to the dismay of his father. However, like his father, Kyle had inherited his desire to help people. Which is why after graduating college, he joined the Peace Corps and fell into the same fate as his father; capture by radicals.

Unlike his father, young Kyle was saved by an alien presence who bequethed to him the Emerald Ring of the Green Lanterns.

With the Ring, Kyle used his father's armor and empowered the armor with the power of the ring and became "The Iron Lantern"

The new changes that I"ve made to this is the shadow beneath the feet, the addition of the Green Lantern Logo, and if you look closely you'll see a slight green glow coming from the feet. Kind of like the thrust propellors on the Iron Man's boots.

(C) Iron man - Marvel Comics

(C) Green Lantern - DC Comics

(C) Iron Lantern - Amalgam Comics
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DrDemonHarlequin Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I've always wondered...Tony is probably the most brilliant technologically-focused mind in the Marvel Universe. So if he knew what he was trying to build, and focused all of his attention on it, would he be able to build something like a Lantern Ring?
Bah, I'm rambling. Very nice work, mate!
Thanks much. And you are right in that Tony could probably build something like the Lantern ring if he could find a way to make light solid.

Still, in this case, the Iron Lantern is more of a mixture of Kyle Rayner and Tony Stark.
you are welcome
i like the new suit it is off the hook
BNWX May 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
All the things I love O____O
This is amazing!
Thanks but the real credit for this one goes to :iconbokuman:
combining a marvel hero with dc powers was beyond me at first but see this made realise that its possible
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